22 Nov

Kids are like information sponges, so you need to be careful about how you speak and behave around them. They must learn important financial lessons, which are among the most difficult ones to learn!


Since the subject is a bit complex, teaching it with a language they can understand is probably the best way to do it. And there’s no better language to get any ideas across than cartoons!


📌 Dora the Explorer 

This girl travels everywhere, but do not let your child become overly involved in the adventures without learning some financial skills. Dora teaches us to be proactive as well. Do you remember how every adventure begins with a map and a strategy? Financial goals must be approached in the same manner. 


📌 Phineas and Ferb 

Phineas and Ferb is another well-liked animated series that really teaches financial concepts to children. They won’t actually discuss straight financial problems, like Dora, but they do teach another important lesson: enjoy the journey. 


📌 The Road Runner Show 

 First of all, the show, and particularly the Wylie Coyote character, educates you to concentrate on your objectives rather than your failures.  

 Using these cartoons as a teaching tool will help keep your children’s attention on you as you explain the concept of money to them. 

 The last secret is using the Famoty app that will help your kid succeed in his or her financial journey!