The best way to motivate your child

Have you faced such situations in real life?

Help with household chores

Your great helper and motivator is Famoty

Reluctance to do homework

We know how to find the right motivation for your child

Yout kids is only in gadgets?

Due to Famoty yiur kids will be glad to help you

Lack of motivation

Famoty, will help you to solve this problem

What Is Famoty?

Potent motivator for children, which looks like a game

Like a game

Famoty uses special game mechanics to attract the attention of the child and win his interest

No more urgent

Forget about the scandals. Now routine classes will be completed on time and without persuasion

Easy to motivate

Never before has motivation been so easy. You choose tasks, Famoty motivates you to do them correctly

Tasks and rewards

The reward system promotes engagement and makes the app more efficient

For Whom Is Famoty

For moms and dads and most importantly for their children

For a parent, it is balanced growth of the child’s character, for a child it is a happy game. As a result, everyone is going to be content and satisfied.

How Famoty Works

The child receives rewards performing the routine and what’s more important useful tasks from all areas of their life.

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Frequently asked quetions

This is an application that allows involving all family members to participate in household chores and helps children develop positive life habits.
To do this, you need to download the application, register and add family members to the Famoty app.
The functionality of the Famoty app is available for free. And when You purchasing a premium subscription, advanced functions are available: improved statistics, the ability to penalty a child by writing off points, the ability to upload a photo-proof of the completed task, packages of balanced tasks, selected considering the child's age
To do this, you need to add a new family member on the “My Family” tab, then click on the “Invite” button and send the family member a link to the applications and a confirmation code that he must enter by following the link.
When your family member runs applications, he/she needs to select "Join a family" and enter the code there in a new window

Learn to motivate family members and achieve goals faster with our application!