17 Nov

Most young children see playing video games as a social activity rather than a solitary one. But out of fear that video games might promote violence and procrastination, some parents might prefer their kids spend their time participating in other activities!


Are video games really that bad and harmful? Let’s fing it out together 👇🏻


Benefits of video games 


✅Problem solving and decision-making skills 

 In order to advance to a next level, players typically have to solve certain puzzles or some other problems. Children’s minds get a great workout playing games like The Incredible Machine, Machinarium, Angry Birds or the like. 


✅Hand-eye coordination, fine motor and spatial skills 

 In some games, real-world players must simultaneously keep an eye on a variety of inputs and keep track of a character’s spatial position, direction, and speed. 


✅Multitasking skills 

 An important life skill is the ability to switch between two or more tasks efficiently and quickly.  


Negative effects of video games  



 Many parents worry that playing violent video games makes kids more aggressive, impulsive, and dampens their mood. 


⛔️Gaming Addiction 

 Video games may undoubtedly be quite addictive, and because of that they can lead to behavioral dependency. 

 Video games are technically just games with a visual element, but because they are always available, they tend to be more social and distracting.