07 Nov

A theme party is a fantastic way to transform a regular and ordinary holiday into a fantastical fairy tale! You will have lots of unbelievable and fond memories seeing the little guests transform into their favorite fairytale or cartoon characters!

 Here, we have prepared some fascinating party planning ideas for you: 

🎀 Favorite cartoons and fairy tales 

You can create a great fairy tale mix or limit the party to a specific fairy tale theme. We won’t list them because every child has their own favorite fairy tale (and probably more than one.)  


🪝 The Pirates of the Caribbean   

Finding a pirate-themed decor or other items is simple. Bandanas with skull designs, vests, and chocolate “golden piasters” for children are the key attributes. 


 🌏 Around-the-world trip 

 This may include imaginary journeys to Egypt, Ancient Rome, and anywhere else our fantasy takes us. 


 🩰 Fairies and princesses 

 Children enjoy dressing up as little princesses, creating beautiful haircuts, and wearing ballgowns. The celebration room is decorated to look like a castle, and the princesses switch between “sleeping” on a pea, trying on glass shoes, and learning proper palace protocol and some royal manners. 


 🗺 Escape room 

 Adventures like “Mysterious Island,” “Ancient Castle,” “Night at the Museum,” and others can be included. This thrilling adventure is based on the detective or search intrigue and involves solving puzzles, discovering secrets, and looking for hints in riddles! 


 📸 Filming a movie 

 You can make a movie, which involves writing a script, assigning characters, putting on the makeup, rehearsing, and, of course, winning an Oscar!