13 Oct

There is a time in every parent’s life when they hear their child say, “Let’s get a cat!” or “When will I have a pet?” Moreover, the kid remembers this idea and does not let it go out of their head (even if that’s what we really want to happen)!


 Why do children need a pet?


 1.Children who interact with animals learn responsibility. After all, a pet needs to be fed, walked, its litter box must be cleaned, its sawdust must be changed, etc. 

 2.Children gain confidence when they successfully perform tasks related to pet care. 

 3. Pets have a “calming effect”

4. Since your first is used to living with another living being and constantly has a companion by his side, he will be more prepared for the arrival of the next kid in the family

5. Pets are always ready for intergalactic adventures and discoveries. 

6. Children with a dog play outside more frequently, which is good for their health. 

7.  Children who have a pet will never be alone


Where to start if you decide to get a pet?


  •  First of all, parents should take into account the age of the child. It is better not to have a pet for children under 5-6 years old. 
  •  Don’t make a decision in haste. Spend enough time choosing an animal, and study information about the animal from various sources. 
  • Be sure to consider the gender, age, health, and temperament of your child
  •  Remember that responsibility for the animal will not grow in the child on its own, it must be taught, starting with little things. 

 In order for your kid to remember and learn how to take care of a pet, set him a task in Famoty, and then those tasks will become fun for your child to perform!