03 Oct

Learning foreign languages is really fun and fascinating! However, kids do not understand the importance of making effort to do that!

 For this reason, we have prepared some tips that can inspire boys and girls and help to catch their attention:

1. Before choosing a book, a game, a blog, a YouTube channel or anything else, it is important to listen to the kids to determine what they are truly interested in. Children learn and remember things far more quickly when they are engaged in activities they truly like. 


2. If a kid is a music lover who is fond of foreign artists, ask him or her what the song playing in the headphones is about. Offer to sing along to their favorite artists.  


 3. The love of video games is often an endless source of inspiration for language learning. From chatting on forums and playing online with peers from other countries to understanding the language and conversations of characters in their favorite game. 


4. It won’t be difficult to show the benefit of knowing a foreign language if traveling is a common family holiday activity. Allow the child to independently make a purchase at a store, find a park, and have some conversations with hotel guests.


5. Through the novelties of science fiction, fairy tales, and detective novels, book lovers will be fascinated to participate in the spoken culture. Comics are ideal for beginners since they are brief, colorful, and, of course, in another language. 


Here you can check free online language learning resources for kids:


  •  Bookflix 

The site is arranged by topics, and books are supplemented with puzzles and other activities.  


  •  Digital Dialects 

This site has free language practice games and interactive exercises for dozens of languages. 


  •  Duolingo 

A free language learning site and app with lessons in nine languages.  


  •  LearnEnglishKids 

This site from the British Council has games, stories, and videos to help native speakers of Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French and Spanish learn English.  


And Famoty is the perfect FREE app to help your kid to learn languages!