27 Sep

Many children dodge studying because they find it boring. Let’s take a look at 5 tips that will help your kid to study with fun! You might be able to do this to assist your child in developing better study habits, which will eventually lead to their better academic success!

1.Take a break for some dancing 

While it’s crucial for children to spend time studying, breaks are also necessary for memory retention. To encourage kids to get up from their seats, periodically take a break for some dancing. Let them dance for a while to some happy songs. 

2. Compliment them 

The children will become more motivated as a result of realizing the benefits of challenges in life. Additionally, it will help them become more self-assured and confident. 

 3. Pay attention to your child’s interest 

Paying attention to your child’s hobbies is one of the most important parts you must take into account while trying to assist your kid. 

 4. Set regular but short breaks 

To be more productive, try using the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working for 25 minutes and then taking a five-minute break. Additionally, this is an excellent place to start with when arranging study breaks. 

 5. Reward kids 

You may choose to reward them by taking them to another child’s birthday party, a water park, their favorite ice cream shop, or an extra half-hour of cartoon time. As a result of that, youngsters will constantly look forward to their study time. 

With these tips, your child will be better prepared to make the most of their study time this year and succeed in school. Better more, developing these habits now will position them for success in the years to come, both at school and work.

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If you don`t have time at work to control your kid’s studying process just set up a task to read a book or study some new material. Your kid will be motivated to earn the points and get rewards afterward.