05 Sep

Improving your child’s memory has many advantages, including better academic results and quicker memory recall.  

There are enjoyable, easy techniques to maintain your child’s memory. Let’s look at more enjoyable and entertaining ones:

  •  Flashcard memory games 

 Choose a flashcard first, then display it for your children to observe. Give them some time to memorize the information on the card. After that, hide the card and ask them to describe (or write them down) what they remember about the picture.  

  •  I went to the shops and I bought …. 

 Everyone knows this exciting game but did you know that it also helps to improve children’s memory? This game may be played on a smaller scale at home around the dining table, but it is best played in a group with plenty of different personalities adding to the list!

  • Poetry fun 

 Ask your kid to memorize a poem. Next, jot down the poem’s lines on several sticky notes. Reorganize them. Ask your youngster to rearrange the lines to restore the poem. 

  •  Hide and seek 

 Place various items on a table, such as a pen, notepad, crayons, bottle, bowl, and veggies. Ask your kid to spend 30 seconds examining the items. After that, cover the items with a towel to prevent him or her from seeing them. Now, ask the child to list the names of the objects on the table. 

  •  The Coin Game 

 Place five identical coins in a row on a table. Make a random heads-and-tails pattern. Give five coins of the same kind to each kid and ask them to memorize the pattern for 60 seconds. After that, they need to recreate the pattern. 

 The ideal time to learn whatever they can is now!

These games not only help children enhance their memory, but also teach them strategy, make them think, develop attention, and sharpen their reflexes.