22 Aug

Everyone here has heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Our version is:

Brushing the teeth every day keeps the dentist away!

 But how do encourage children to brush their teeth? Here are a few tips from a dentist: 

  • You can get a unique finger-worn brush for babies.
  • Ensure that the child doesn’t eat lots of sugar. Candies and sweet carbonated beverages might be harmful to the teeth.
  • Assist the youngster in washing their mouth after brushing.
  • Show the example of how you are brushing your teeth.
  • Sing entertaining tunes as you brush your teeth. In the same way, your child will enjoy doing it by playing games. 
  • Brushing teeth can bring joy to your child. But the problem is that in the morning you are in such a hurry that you do not give the kid an opportunity to enjoy the process.

With the Famoty app you can easily teach your child to brush the teeth and the bathroom will no longer be a place of daily battles.

Simply give your child the assignment to wash their teeth every day, and when they do, they will receive a reward!