09 Aug

Strong and wrong – have you heard that phrase? We’re sure you have. Well, this stereotype has nothing to do with reality!

But how can these two completely different concepts – physical and intellectual development – relate to each other? 

Scientists’ research shows that muscle movements have a special influence on brain activity!

In 2011 the relationship between the development of intelligence and exercising caught the interest of a group of scientists led by Justin Rhodes, a professor of physiology at the University of Illinois. They conducted an experiment that demonstrated that physical activity increases the number of neurons in the brain.

The fact of the matter is that physical activity promotes neurogenesis – the birth of new brain cells. 

During childhood, the development of thought operations is a priority of education, because through them, a child has an opportunity to fully explore the world around him.

Therefore we can’t underestimate the importance of physical education, because physical activity stimulates growth of brain cells and, consequently, the development of perception, attention, and memory.

That’s why it’s important to be comprehensive in the process of teaching and educating children, to maintain the balance between their mental and physical activity!