29 Jul

There comes a moment in every family, when the parents start to think about some additional classes or clubs to enroll their child in.

Some parents sign up their children for various activities from infancy, others wait until their children reach their school age, while others generally believe that additional clubs and classes are unnecessary loads for a child.

Who is right and who is wrong, and is there the happy mean? Let’s try to figure it out together. 

Additional classes help people at different ages to decide on their interests, choose a direction for development, expand their horizons.

For a child, additional classes can help diversify their leisure time, interest them in something other than their school program, and motivate them to study and learn new things.

Why do children need extra classes?

  • A child’s interest

If a child really shows interest in an activity, it is necessary to develop his abilities. Very often, a favorite activity can help a child cope with difficult situations in life and overcome stress.

  • Communication with peers

The scourge of our modern society – gadgets and the Internet lead to a deficit of full-fledged live communication. Communication is very important for the full development of the child and the construction of relationships with others. Therefore, the lack of communication must somehow be compensated. And club activities in this case are real salvation. 

  • Learning about yourself and the world

It often happens that a child has a burning desire to draw. Parents send him to an art club, and just a couple of sessions down the kid understands that he no longer wants to do it. He satisfied his need, and that’s enough for him. 

He has already turned his gaze on soccer. Let the kid get acquainted with various types of activities in that way. Before your child realizes what he is truly interested in, he will have to try many things.

The most important thing is to look and listen to the wishes and talents of your child! It is important to talk to your child, find out what he would like to do.