Family time
08 Jul

There is no parent in the world who would not once face the question: what to do when their child is at home? 

How not to let the kid go crazy from boredom, and direct the child’s energy in the right direction? We’d like to tell you first why you need to channel children’s energy at all. 

Children are an inexhaustible source of energy. However, not everyone can release all the energy they have, which is why very big problems occur. Teenagers become “uncontrollable” and their caring parents can’t find the reason for what is happening. In order to avoid such situations, professionals recommend teaching children the proper way to spend their active time from early childhood.

The Famoty team has prepared 5 options for you to spend time with your child at home: 

1. Pajama party;

Dress up in pajamas together with your child, put on some fun music, and prepare some delicious food – you’ve got yourselves a party organized ! 

2. Make a cartoon with your child;

If you don’t have a video camera at home, no problem! You can record the video on your phone.

3. Play board games together;

4. Bake cookies, muffins or croissants together;

5. Use the Famoty app.

With the Famoty app, you and your child can do various tasks together! And best of all, you’ll get rewards for doing them.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

The Famoty app is very easy to use, so both the parents and children will be able to enjoy and benefit from it.

If you want your child to enjoy helping you with housework, or enjoy learning lessons, then download the Famoty app for free right now!