Happy kids
07 Jul

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is defined as a person’s ability to appropriately express and manage their feelings while respecting those of others. It’s a set of skills that children can begin learning at any age.


Fostering children’s emotional intelligence means paying attention to their emotions and assuming that they understand and benefit when we talk to them about feelings and emotions. 


Here are a few tips that help to develop a kid`s emotional intelligence:

  • Talk about emotions;
  • Talk about your own emotions;
  • Shift your language to support the development of your child’s EQ;
  • Cultivate your child’s empathy;
  • Be attentive to your kid’s physical state;
  • Model appropriate ways to express feelings;
  • Develop the child’s problem-solving skills;
  • Make development of emotional intelligence an ongoing goal;
  • Read books together;
  • Play games that strengthen the bonds between you;
  • Practice calming down when they don’t need to calm down;
  • Talk about feelings in everyday activities;
  • Teach your child to identify his or her triggers;
  • Focus on appropriate behavior instead of misbehavior;
  • Start with yourself;


Imparting emotional values of empathy, gratitude and mindfulness, among others, can set our kids up to be caring, self-aware adults. And the sooner you teach these skills, the sooner they will benefit not only the child, but your whole Family!