06 Jul

Most kids and school children cannot imagine their life without a computer. Surprisingly, some parents are glad that their child is so captivated by the computer, because they themselves no longer need to think about how to entertain the child and there is free time that can be spent on household chores. However, are computers really that useful for children, or is there more harm than good from them? Let’s figure it out together.


The benefits of a computer for children:

  • There are computer games that develop a child’s memory and attention, teach them logical and imaginative thinking, and contribute to formation of creative skills.
  • The computer is widely used at school these days, so having it at home helps a child to gain new knowledge, look up information, and do their homework.
  • It is also an opportunity for a child to feel like an adult and understand that you trust him or her. After all, our children follow our example and they so want to be like us and do something on the computer for at least 20 minutes a day like an adult


Downsides of a computer:

  • Constant sitting at a computer negatively affects the physical health of a child.
  • A long pastime of computer games makes a child irritable and capricious, especially if something does not work out in the game for him.
  • Entertaining horror games usually contain elements of cruelty and violence, negatively affect the psyche of a child – this has long been proven by experts in child psychology.


Of course, it would be wrong to completely banish a computer out of a child’s life and make it a forbidden fruit. It is better to agree on a set of rules for their interaction with a computer!

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