Kid is reading a book
06 Jul

It’s not a secret that books help to raise a child’s personality, answer thousands of questions, provide materials for reflection and offer useful intellectual rest. But if your child scowls at another book gift and asks for some toys instead, read this post and share your impressions and results!

These simple rules will help your child to find a common language and make a lifelong friendship with books:

  • Stop forcing your child to read.

The desire to read must flow from within. It is better to wait until the child develops an interest in books and wants you to read to him, and then learns to read on his own.

  • Surround children with books and lead by example.

After all, if a child does not see you enjoying a book, then he is unlikely to become an active and avid reader.

  • Think together with your child and write your own book about him.

Offer him to become the main character, create and draw illustrations for each page, and then read it together, we guarantee great delight!

  • Make a challenge!

So, determine the minimum number of pages that a child should read every day, create a task in our Famoty app and definitely don’t forget to offer a very attractive reward! And voila – his regular adventures with books are there to stay. And gradually, you can increase the number of pages every week.

Reading is interesting and easy!