06 Jun
Internal childhood perfectionism is a psychological term. It refers to psychological features of the personality in which a person strives to achieve high results and deserve the praise of others. That is, to do everything in an “excellent” way.
If your kid internalizes extremely high expectations for themselves—whether they’re drawing, doing homework, or playing sports—they may never think they’re good enough. Here’s what to do.

Famoty app team has prepared 3 tips for parents:

1. Show love to your child;
Demonstrate feelings with words, actions, emotions. Let your kid know that he will be loved regardless of whether he is an excellent pupil or not.
2. Support your child;
Show whose side you’re on. The child should feel supported, not blamed by their parents.
3. Praise effort, not just success.
Encourage your kid and tell him how good he is more often. It’s often the lack of approval and recognition from parents that leads to honors syndrome.

So it is important to show that you appreciate your child and recognize his merits.