06 Jun

Mom…How many feelings this word has: boundless love, tenderness, care, attention, warmth…

Nothing in this world can compare to a mother’s love! But how to distinguish love from maternal instinct? And what does this instinct mean?
The maternal instinct is the norms of behavior that a mother must fulfill to protect her child. This instinct is found in both humans and animals. Scientists have been fighting over the mystery of whether women have this instinct for half a century.
1. Some say that there is no maternal instinct. And it is a mistake to believe that women have the so-called “on button” when she holds a baby or when she finds out that she is pregnant.
2. Other scientists, on the other hand, believe that the maternal instinct is inherent in every woman and it is through it that she performs her “maternal functions.”
Whatever the case may be, we should not confuse feelings for the child and instinct. In fact, a woman does not have an innate ability to love her kid.
A woman’s reproductive system allows her to become pregnant, bear, give birth, and nurture a child, but it does not allow her to love a child.
Love for a child lies in the expression of tenderness, affection, and care on the part of the parents. A mother’s love is the sincerest because it is based on a mother’s conscious and boundless self-sacrifice and self-giving.

So, moms love us not because of the maternal instinct, but simply because they have us.