06 Jun
Kids can be very sociable and active, or reserved and shy. Let’s clarify right away, if a child is comfortable being in the company of himself, then parents do not need to do anything. Such children are called introverts.
But, if a child suffers from his own shyness, afraid to start communicating with a peer, then parents need to develop their child’s communication skills.

Here are 4 tips to help your child:

  • Support your child, encourage, listen carefully and admire them;
  • Ask questions and listen to answers more often, ask questions about what you hear from the child;
  • Play games at home that allow your child to express himself;
  • Assign your child do some housework and praise him when he achieves results.

Famoty app is perfect for this!

Because here, performing routine and, most importantly, useful tasks, from different areas of his life, the child receives rewards and does it with interest!
You can also make up rewards for the child together. This will give the child an opportunity to express, talk about his desires and also want to achieve them!