01 Jun

Children should definitely be given certain household chores. In this case, it is worth considering the age of the child and do not forget about the reward for completing the task. By doing housework, children begin to understand what their parents need. It also contributes to the child’s emotional well-being.

A 25-year study found that the success of young people (20 and over) was directly related to whether they had household chores as children.
Children who help out around the house feel an even stronger connection with their parents. It contributes to the happiness of parents and children. It is very convenient to set tasks and motivate the child to complete them in our Famoty app.

So, what tasks can be assigned to a 10 year old child:

  • Change bed linen and put dirty linen in a basket;
  • Know how to use the washer and dryer;
  • Measure out washing powder and fabric softener;
  • Buy groceries from a list;
  • Cross the street on your own;
  • Bake cookies from semi-finished products;
  • Make tea, coffee or juice, pour into cups;
  • Plan your birthday or other holidays;
  • Wash family car.