31 May
All adults know about the benefits of a balanced diet, especially for children. At the age of 1 to 10 years, habits are formed, behavior during eating and the ability to enjoy the taste of ready meals.


But how to form a habit of eating healthy foods in a kid?

Persuasion and requests do not bring results, but you can easily do it with an app! Gradually form the habit of eating healthy foods using the Famoty app.
For example, you can set a task for your child “Eat One Apple” in Famoty app. You can also set the same task for repetition. After the child has completed all tasks, he will receive a reward. We have tested this method on our own kids and it works.

What else can be done?

  • Children imitate the behavior of their parents, so eat your food slowly, and enjoy an interesting conversation.
  • Offer to inhale the aroma of the finished dish, teach the child to do it right. To make the child also want to try a small piece, chewing thoroughly, feel the texture, taste, texture.
  • Words: healthy or not healthy food, the kid does not understand.
  • Cook different meals with your child. Tell, fantasize, present different dishes, cook various, easily digestible dishes.
  • For Family holidays, make a menu together, ask for help, set the table. Let the child participate in cooking, decorating dishes, do not forget to thank