30 May

Each member of the Family, including the child, has all the tasks in Famoty app categorized. The app has the following categories of tasks:

  • Behavior;
  • Home;
  • Education;
  • Creativity;
  • Sport.

The tasks of each of these categories reflect different important areas of a child’s life. Therefore, by correctly placing tasks and points for their implementation between all these categories, you can achieve amazing success in the balanced development of your child in a playful way.


For example, your child does not like sports. What can be done?

In this case, we set tasks from the Sports category, in the tasks we select the required amount of points that the child will receive for the completed task. The child will be interested in completing the task!
No persuasion, no constant reminders. The points earned for completed tasks can be exchanged for rewards and even money! And it works!