30 May

Yes, this is absolutely true. Today we are telling you why!

It’s all about
Growth Hormone Somatotropin, also known as human growth hormone. Its human form is a peptide hormone that:

  • stimulates growth;
  • cell reproduction;
  • cell regeneration in humans and other animals.
Growth hormone that is secreted by the anterior part of the pituitary gland. 80% of the daily production of this hormone occurs in deep sleep, which is especially important for children.
In the first years of life, the child’s body is growing rapidly, so the child needs a healthy sleep. Infants sleep an average of 18 hours a night, and a six-month-old baby sleeps 14.2 hours, for example.

Growth hormone production gradually rises during childhood, peaking at puberty and then decreasing as we get older.

Somatotropin is not only responsible for growth – it controls the processes of:

  1. regeneration;
  2. rest;
  3. recovery.
That is why children need to sleep enough time to physically develop. The next time your baby sleeps, know he’s growing right now!