17 May

Should children help their parents at this age? Let’s deal with this in today’s post.

Many parents believe that it is not worth burdening children with household chores. When children help their parents with household chores, they will feel needed in the family. Able to make their own contribution to family well-being and therefore be full members of it. That’s what child psychologists say.

Adults can come up with a lot of different things that a child can do for the benefit of the family

To-do list of 9 household tasks that a child of this age can do:

✅ Сhoose their own clothes according to the weather or for a specific occasion;
✅ Vacuum the carpet;
✅ water the flowers and plants;
✅ prepare simple meals (hot sandwiches, boiled eggs);
✅ to pack things for school;
✅ help with hanging laundry on a clothesline;
✅ hang clothes in the wardrobe;
✅ gather wood for the fire;
✅ Set the table.

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